The Most EXPENSIVE Starbucks DRINK EVER!! $23!!!!

5 years ago

Ever have those days when you run to the Starbucks order one of your many favorite drinks...? The days when you go to pay for your Iced mocha and before you know it, you are shocked with the price of the drink.......Hello price shock...

It seems as if that Starbucks is like a drug...A drug full of coffee, something that will pump you full of a sudden jolt of hyper, and a lot of cash...It seems as if when we go to purchase our cute little coffee, we literally are paying a small fortune for a cup full of joy.....A small fortune for something that we could buy lunch with, save up, or even buy some coffee at the grocery store for nearly about 30 cups...

But imagine spending $23 on a small cup of coffee......You thought $5 was expensive!!!...

The most expensive cup of coffee was ordered by Logan Warren....Two barista`s made it, and 31 ounces of fun coffee goodness......This is what it took to create the most expensive drink Starbucks ever made....

Logan Warren ordered this way too expensive coffee, but with a coupon!........The 22-year-old tech entrepreneur and student, can`t afford to drink at the coffee chain daily....Like most of us, ordering a coffee a day does not keep the doctor away, it really breaks your wallet......Even though that $5 out of your checking account seems like nothing, after only 5 visits you spent $25 on just pure coffee....

Logan was given a Starbucks coupon for his birthday...One which would give him a free drink, of any size with any additional add-ons.... It`s a company gift if you sign up for their rewards program..Since Logan cannot afford Starbucks daily he try to have a little personal challenge with this coupon.......Logan tried to find out the priciest Starbucks drink money can buy.....

The Trenta, is the super sized, bigger then your tummy coffee cup.....This was brought to Starbucks last May.....Its a 31 ounce option, which is humongous!! This extra is a big $3.45!! For a cup......

Warren then spent a half an hour with the barista`s trying to find out the best most expensive powders, syrups and shots to fill an entire Trenta cup.

Here`s how his one drink bill broke down:

(warning: make sure your mouth does not drop from price shock!):

One Java Chip Frappucino ($4.75)
Plus 16 shots of espresso($12)
A shot of soy milk(.60)
A drop of caramel flavoring(.50)
Ascoop of banana puree($1)
Another scoop of strawberry puree(.60)
A few vanilla beans(.50)
A dash of Matcha powder(.75)
Some protein powder(.50)
A caramel and mocha drizzle to cap it off(.60).

Grand total!...Drum roll please.....

Altogether, Warren`s Franken-Frap cost $23.60, making it the most expensive Starbucks concoction money (really coupons) can buy.....And Warren said it did not even taste that good!.....

But Warren`s little experiment shows that coffee is pushing our budgets just a little farther....A recent study showed that the average American spends about $1,000 on coffee per year...I really hope I don`t factor into that!...And this year, its expected to rise higher!

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Whats the most expensive Starbucks drink you ordered? Whats your favorite? Do you spend a small fortune on coffee??

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