The most delicious fast food taco!

5 years ago

I say this is the most delicious taco, but its probably also one of the unhealthiest as well. But I say the latter just cancels itself out because its <em>so yummy!</em> This is a taco from a local fast food joint in my area. The place has been around since the late 60s, has gone through a name change or two, but the food and the service has always been the same. Their hours of operation are vast 8am to 2am weekdays and on Friday and Saturday they are open 9am until 4am. So this is basically what we in town call the drunk spot because once the clubs let out this place has a LINE down the street of people waiting to go in and get food. Their menu is vast ranging from hamburgers to roast beef sandwiches, tacos to corndogs, mozzarella sticks to poppers to French fries to onion rings, milk shakes to Pepsi products, etc. Their food is good and some options are healthier for you than others but overall, I cant say Ive ever gotten anything gross here. Anyway!

This taco is actually <strong>DEEP FRIED</strong>! They have these old school taco holders that they drop the frozen tacos in (the taco has the shell and the meat in it) and they deep fry it until heated thru. They then stuff it with shredded lettuce and a squirt of salsa. There are times where the tacos are so greasy that the paper that holds it gets a little wet, but this particular one was perfect. It wasnt greasy, it was cooked just right. The only downside? I took 2 bites (took my photo, took another bite and went to wash my hand) and handed the taco to my boyfriend telling him to take a bite. I came back and he FINISHED THE ENTIRE THING! His excuse? He thought I was done. Now I want another darn taco!

Have you ever had a deep fried taco?
Would you try something like this?

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