The most beautiful place in the world to me IRAQ

4 years ago

hey guys
closer to the end of last year i went to Iraq being the other half of my family lives there. the people are amazing i must say they don`t have very many but they`ll make sure you have all you want before they think of themselves. anyways to talk about Iraq my parents used to talk about Iraq like it was heaven and me and my siblings born in Saudi Arabia and raised in the states we of course didn`t believe them. it still is the heaven they once said it was but pieces from our culture has disappeared due to war and idiotic thoughts of stupid leaders. anyways i visited the shrines. and oh my god were they beautiful it might take hell to get in because no shoes are allowed women must be covered to a point to step into a religious shrine and the crowd is so big you can get lost. the inside of the shrine is all pure gold and silver and the chandeliers were made of something special i wish i could have stayed more in there but what you`re supposed to do is step in touch the shrine ask for help from the imams or holy woman depends on what shrine you`re in and if you know their story you might cry a little cuz it kind of feels unreal to be there. i swear for a moment i just wanted to stay there and look at all the art and details in the gold and silver. It felt like i was in heaven <3 :D
sadly most of these shrines have been demolished due to the attack of the united states on Iraq. the video shows all the cool places in Iraq before the wars. it kind of sucks and almost brings tears to my eyes because i missed so much of the old Iraq it does get me mad. if you want to visit this beautiful place do it when you get the chance one day these beautiful things will disappear like the ones before them.
i do take pride in my country and love it
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