The Money Fragrance

5 years ago

There are a lot of different perfumes in the world, for him and for her, with a lot of different fragrances. Now, most than ever, not only the smell counts but also the design of the bottle and all those kind of stuff. Personally, I just care about how it smells. If I had the money, I`d buy hundreds of different perfumes... But I don`t have the money, so I must choose wisely...

A thing that can make a difference and change everything from now on, is this new perfume called Money Fragrance, for him and for her.

Everyone loves the money smell because it means that you have money, not that it smells good, so I don`t really understand why would someone create a perfume that has the fragrance of money... Who would like to walk out of home smelling like a wallet full of money?

Well, there are a few recommendations from the creator... Like "Success, wealth and riches not guaranteed" and "The fragrance actually smells very nice". Just to keep us advised xD

So, if you think that this can be a good fragrance to wear, you can buy this perfume for something like $38, which is really expensive, since you can buy a "real" perfume, with a really nice smell for that amount of money.

What do you think of this? Interesting or just crazy? Would you buy it?

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