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4 years ago

I got a tweet from Shannon yesterday for some help with Luuux. And I tweeted her back. But I have to say that if you need Luuux help, the BEST way to reach me is to PM me. I check my mail more often then I check my twitter. As well that is my private twitter and not for Luuux Moderation.

In general with post questions if you need to reach any of the moderators you can PM them. You can often find them as the leaders of the Community Universe. They include myself, Daniela, Sarah, Amy, Liliana and Jem.

But if you`re question is more technical in nature, such as the shop is not working, I can`t log in, you`re not getting e-mail notifications, DMCA violations, etc. You should e-mail

If you have shop questions, such as colors or size of the item you`re purchasing, or when my item is shippng or if there`s a tracking number available. You should e-mail

If any of the above does not reply right away, do not FREAK out and do a post that we`re neglecting you. It`s happened before where I`m sleeping (I do sleep!) and a person messages me and then writes a rant 5 minutes later. Amy, Daniela, myself are on ET time, Liliana and Sarah are on PT and Jem is in Europe. Support and Shop are also on European Standard Time. The shop also usually do not respond to inquiries on the weekend.

I hope this helps you guys. Be sure to follow me for more useful Luuux information.

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