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Patrick Jane is the central character of "The Mentalist", a consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He is known for having elucidated a large number of crimes, thanks to his great observing skills of the details. Among his CBI peers, Patrick is famous for his lack of protocol and for his so called fame of being a medium(although he now admits he pretended to have psychic abilities.)

However, Agent Teresa Lisbon is not afraid to admit that CBI doesn`t want Jane in her team because he is narcissistic, theatrical, dangerous and limitless. Lisbon`s team, includes the following agents: Kimble Cho, Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt, who also believe that Jane is uncontrollable but they admire his charm and talent to solve the cases.

Episode by episode, "The Mentalist" becomes a more complex show; I think the tragedy that Patrick Jane went through makes him even more human, puts a special light on his character and makes us understand his behaviour more. Patrick Jane is a likeable character, different, interesting and has a special charm. He is funny, upbeat, connoisseur of the human character, keen observer, sensitive, charismatic and the list could go on. Although he tragically loses his family, Jane has the power to seduce us with his innocent charming smile!

This show doesnt bore the viewers with the details of the heinous crimes that police is investigating but but emphasizes the behavior of the characters involved in each case.The Mentalist is a unique series that emphasizes the positive things in life, rather than tragedy of the cases that are beinginvestigated; Therefore, it is a good and a worth watching Tv show.

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