The Melting Table

5 years ago

This is "Table for Dali", a table inspired on Salvador Dali`s most famous painting "The persistence of Memory", that in case that you don`t recognize it by its name, it is that painting with all those melting Clocks.

This very awesome table was designed by Adam Kessler, a Design student on Buffalo State College and it was created for the competition "2011 Worldskills Cabine". As you can see, the melting table has some great effects and it is like the melting parts of the table go down and create some kind of slop that is used to hold the table.

Besides the surrealistic and awesome melting effects it also has a great pattern on Luis Vuitton style...

It is really cool and it would look good on any house I think. This is a very unique table and there is no price for it, but I bet that if there was an auction, the designer would sell it for a great amount of money.

What do you think about the design of this table? Is it cool or not?

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