The Many Benefits Of Running!

5 years ago

Running by far is my favorite way of getting exercise into my life! I am on the cross country team at my high school... the reason I joined freshman year was to get healthier and get exercise into my life. I didn`t think I would like it that much, but it has def. grown on me and now I LOVE running. Most of the time (I have my days) I enjoy being able to go out and run a couple of miles. Not only do I get fitter and healthier, I also am able to start my morning off right and eliminate my stress.

Running has many benefits. Some are obvious such as getting healthier, fitter, and helps in losing weight. However, there are many other benefits that you might not know about!

The Benefits-
1. It prevent muscle and bone loss. Running demands a lot of your body which in turn causes your bones to become stronger. (just make sure that you eat calcium and protein as well!)

2.Fight disease... yeah I know obvious, but still a super good thing.

3.It will boost Your confidence. If you set a goal such as miles you want to run and you hit it, then you will feel better about yourself and that will transfer into other parts of your life.

4 It relieves stress! Running releases hormones that will help you feel less stressed. Also running is a great time for you to reflect on things if you want to and thing them through thoroughly. This is huge for me!!! I would be so grumpy if it wasn`t for running.

5. It makes you smarter!! It has been proven that people who run/ exercise regularly have better recall skills, and even score higher on test than those who don`t run or workout.

If you are looking for a way to get healthier, you should def. try turning your eyes to running! Running gets you healthy and improves so many other things in your life as well!

Do you guys love running?
If not, what do you do for exercise?
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