The making of my (old ) phone case part.1

4 years ago

A lot of people in real life have asked me how I made my phone case and I thought that some people on here might too so I decided to make a little series on here (putting it up all in one go will seem really confusing) to tell you guys how you can bedazzle your phone case too. Now this may not be for everyone so please do not hate if you do not like it. Part one will be very simple and this is the things that you will need to get:
1. A phone case of course ( well I dont have one to show you because I already used it before I knew I was going to make a post.) A hard phone case is need, not the bendy gel and defiantly not the silicone kind. The best ones are the straight up plastic ones who the rubber coated one works great tooit is actually the one that I used. You can use any colour of your choice, but please do bear in mind that most of it will be cover so it doesnt really matter that much.
2. Some kind of bead/jewels. You can get these at the make your own jewellry stores or I just got pack of these on ebay. If you do go out and choose your own beads then they your case would be very unique and you can really tailor it to your own liking, but before I made this case I didnt know that you can get these. Oh and they have to be flat sided beads and not the ones with the holes in the middle of them. . Obviously depending on the size of your phone you will need more or less of these.
3. Large gems for the sides of the case. You can use smaller ones or different sizes if you wish, but it may take a longer time if you use the tiny ones and it may look very messy. Mine just came in the set so I just used these, depending on the size of your phone you may need more or less.
4. Small little gems. I got a packet of 1000 on ebay and they come very tiny ( but you can choose your size) but I do think that the tiny ones are better as it just looks better and they can fit into the gaps better .Again depending on the size of your phone you may need less or more of these.
5. Super glue to stick everything securely into place!
6. Tweezers to put everything into place. I do recommend on straight and one curved, but if you can only get one then just get the straight. The reason why I have to two is because some places will require a straight and some will need a rounded to get into those tiny little gaps.
7. Glitter, I used this for the sides that cup around the side of the phone, but you can use the gems in you like. I just used the glitter as it doesnt look as messy and it smooth when I put on finger on it (so it wouldnt be uncomfortable if I was typing) but each for their own. You can also use any colour or size glitter that you like, but I just used extra fine as I added it on as a last minute thing in the end and didnt really think it through and I was very impatient by then.
8. Clear nail polish- This will make all the gems look very shiny, it will also seal and glue the glitter onto your case.
9. Some sort of try to put your gems/beads/rhinestones on and also a piece of plastic that you can put superglue on and you wont miss. Dont use paper or any absorbent material as it will just soak through.
NOT optional :
10. Patience! Holy moly this took a long time. If you arent patient then there is no way you can sit through and do this. This take hours and days to do. You actually have to stick each individual piece on, plan it before, wait for things to dry and tweak things. So dont do this if you know you cant sit still for hours!
*all picture are my own...please do not take

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