The makeup brushes and their functions

4 years ago

1. Duo Fibre. It is a brush to apply foundation that gives professional results without the appearance of the mask. It has a medium effect between application and absorption of the base, hence it is so natural. The white fibers spread the product over his face, while the black fibers will help to better blending. The white are usually artificial and natural black. Best Duo Fibres are from Sigma and MAC.

2. Brush base. This is the typical brush base where it is composed of artificial bristles. Has an effect slightly heavier than the Duo Fiber because it applies more base (not the brush absorbs essentially none), providing a high coverage.

3. Brush broker. A brush is very similar to the brush base, but smaller size to enable a better application under the eye corners, etc.. The operating principle is the same.

4. Brush powder. The powder brushes are usually maiorzinhos and both serve as a standard to apply powder bronzer. The bristles must be blurred since natural preferably better, providing a more natural result. There are known Kabuki theater, brushes which are equal to powder with a cable but smaller or even retractable, which makes them easily transportable. My favorite is the Kabuki ELF :)

5. Blush brush / contour. It is very similar to a brush powder brush, but smaller, allowing a more accurate application to the contour of the face or to apply blush (which are also smaller areas of our face, then the brush was smaller). Usually boxes bring a blush brush little application .... forget, are too small and hard to apply blush. My favorite blush brush is MAC 109 :)

6. Brush beveled. It has the same applications as the brush of blush / contour, however when it cant apply more product, the result being more intense and "built". I have a very good cant brand I bought at Barbara Hoffman Perfumes & Company.

7. Shadow Brush. A variety of this kind of brushes, each maiorzinhos, other smaller ... but it does not matter much. Choose one that has a reasonable amount of bristles, which is soft and proportional to the size of your eye. The Seohora has good brushes for shadows.

8. Brush to blend. This is, of brushes for the eyes, which is softer and has more number of bristles. Without such a brush is almost impossible to get a perfect result in makeup, then one of the most important brushes for the eyes. There are different sizes and you should choose the size depending on the size of your eyes (close your eyes and see the distance between the eyelashes and eyebrows), the greater the greater the size of the brush to blend. The most famous of these brushes is the MAC 224.

9. Brush pencil. This is a detail brush serving to apply by the shadow line eyelashes, to illuminate the internal corner, to an intense line in the hollow of the eye or, if small, to apply eyeliner. I do not think this is a brush very essential, because the next can make the turn and still others.

10. Brush angular. This is also a brush detail but wider. It can be used to apply shadow along the lash line, to illuminate the inner corner of the eye, to define the concave V and external, to illuminate the area below the eyebrows, to define the eyebrows and also to compress color in small places. It is therefore a very full brush ... if the bristles are slightly better durinhas.

11. Eyeliner brush. This is a brush allowing to make a line with highly accurate and eyeliner, however it is unnecessary for those who can make the well with the brush angled.

12. Lip Brush. This is, in my opinion, the brush more unnecessary, since the lipstick, lip gloss, balms, etc. usually bring other types of applicators or apply easily using your fingers.

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