The Make-up Controversy

Hey Guys I have something I need to get through some people`s heads. Something that is getting on my nerves is how people say girls who wear make-up are trying to cover up something, or think their not pretty, or even worse have no self- confidence. Well I have 3 reasons why this is not true,
1. Everyone likes to doll their self up just a little and there is nothing wrong with that.
2. Some people just like to make their skin more glowing or more vibrant.
3. Just because you wear make-up doesn`t mean you don`t have self-confidence. Maybe you have great confidence but just some lip gloss or mascara makes it go up even higher.
Now let me say some girls do need something to boost their confidence but that`s no reason to judge. People need to stop being so judgmental.
Also, I know many girls who where make-up but under make-up are the prettiest. So just because you don`t like make-up doesn`t mean others don`t. The biggest stars wear make-up. You see Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Rhianna and you think they are so pretty. What`s wrong with make-up on an average person. If you don`t like it so much don`t worry about anybody else. Besides your`re dogging make-up business.

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