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5 years ago

Hi Luuuxers!

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to change my beauty regime since my skin looks horrendous. What do I mean? Basically, I was breaking out and my skin was extremely dry. I would try to cover up my imperfections with foundation and conceal but it just made it worst. After some research and a recommendation from a friend, I decided to try the oatmeal and olive oil face wash. It seemed simple enough for someone like me and it was extremely inexpensive. I spent less than $15 for both the oatmeal and olive oil.

After using this for two weeks, my skin looks AMAZING! Nothing that I have used can compare to it and trust me I have tried a lot over the years. I have used brands such as Philosophy, Clinique, Cetaphil, Olay, Aveeno, and many more. If you can name it, I have probably tried it. Don`t get me wrong, I am not saying that those brands are not good but based on my experience, this was better.

My skin is smoother and my acne has healed. Even my boyfriend noticed a difference. He actually asked me if I washed off my makeup yet because he couldn`t tell, since my skin looked so much better. I am blown away by the results! I feel stupid for being too skeptical to try this earlier!

Although, I do not have the perfect skin but I can finally say that I love my skin!

What is your BEAUTY REGIME?

Ingredients needed :

Instant Oatmeal
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*You can tweak it to fit your own preference*


1. Put some instant oatmeal from the bag in the palm of your hands
2. Close your hands into the form of a fist
3. Let warm/hot water run through the oats in your hand
4. Once the oats are slightly moist, squeeze out the excess liquid
5. Pour some olive oil onto the oats and wash your face with it
6. Rinse
7. Apply a moisturizer

If you do try this recipe, share your experience with me!

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This is my first post so don`t be too harsh but I am open to all critiques :)

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