The Legend of Zelda: Majora`s Mask

4 years ago

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Here comes yet another game review headed your way! This one is called The Legend of Zelda: Majora`s Mask. Released in 2000 on the Nintendo 64, You once again take up the role as the Hero Protagonist Link as he battles his way through the land of Termina as he collects masks and tries to stop an Imp who has been possessed by and Evil Mask, from having the Moon crash into the Earth and destroying everything.

The game play`s controls are nearly identical to that of Ocarina of Time`s, with just a couple of small tweaks. Namely having to use weapons in your child form in which you couldn`t with OoT and handling weapons in your altered masked states. Graphics were upgraded from OoT and were absolutely stunning. The game takes full advantage of the N64`s expansion pack (which required it to play the game), thereby vastly improving the landscape, character models, level layouts and it pushes the details of objects to the utter limits of the N64 and its expansion pack`s abilities. Sound effects also got a slight upgrade form OoT`s and many more were added in. This not only improved upon OoT`s sounds but also set MM apart from OoT as its own game. The soundtrack saw several of the songs from OoT make a return but many more songs that were unique to MM were made. This widely expanded the Zelda series song list and also set MM as its own stand alone game. The story of the game is extremely well written and in some parts even surpasses that of OoT. The story is what also sets this game a part from other Zelda games becasue this one didn`t involve Zelda or Ganon in any of the game (besides a VERY short memory cameo of Zelda). This is yet another LONG Zelda game in which it will take you DAYS to complete. But sadly it is a little shorter than OoT, mainly due to the fact that so much detail was put into the graphics that the game designers were forced to shorten it a little to make the entire game fit in the cartage. But that is EASILY looked over due the the sheer fun and playability of the game.

All in all in my opinion this game is just as good as OoT. And although it has a couple of minor faults it more than earned its reputation as a great sequel to OoT. This game will keep you occupied from sun up till sun down for days on end and it is incredibly fun to play. I have also beaten this game so many times (not as many times as OoT but plenty of times). So I HIGHLY recommend this game. If you haven`t played it yet THEN GET TO IT!

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