The Last Time I Went to Sephora

At Sephora, I decided to make use of my gift card.
I bought the Clinique Almost Lipstick - Black Honey.
Packaging is very sleek. Its minimalist style in the simple tube is also very discrete and doesn`t scream "I`m makeup." It looks like a pen. There is a C embossed at the top and the info sticker on the bottom. Basically, informative, yet minimalist.
The color in the tube looks very dark and vampy, but the color is actually very sheer. I`ve used this several times. It`s very moisturizing. I really like the color, somewhat of an auburn, mix between brown and red. It`s so subtle, with tiny amount of shimmer in it.
This was the first time I actually bought a name brand lipstick, so it`s more than I normally pay for a lip product. (Actually, I do own a couple of name brand lipsticks, but they usually come in gift sets, so I get more value for the buck.) $15 for one tube of lipstick, nice color and good moisturizing effect and all, is more than I`d like to spend. However, for something that is a name brand, $15 is on the low to average side of the price spectrum.

I`ve also been very drawn to the Clinique Chubby Sticks. I think I`ve just been attracted to moisturizing lip products lately and the name is just adorable.
I also wanted to try some lipstains. I know Revlon`s Just Bitten, Maybelline ColorSensational, and CoverGirl Outlast are among the many lines of lipstains out there. Maybe I`ll get one in the future. I don`t need it and I should really use up what I already have. Just got to keep reminding myself of that fact.
Samples I received: Michael Kors & Love, Chloe fragrances. I like fragrance samples, because I`m curious to try the scents, and I like to tote them especially if I come across an unpleasant stench. However, I cannot justify spending that much money for liquids that smell. Especially when soap, shampoo, lotion or other basic essentials already have a decent enough smell to them.
The nice guy at the counter (whom I believe was the manager of this location) was nice enough to swap my Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in 431 Whitehall. I explained to him that I had originally purchased the set of 3 Magnetic Polishes, but when I already started using this shimmery green shade, I noticed that it didn`t have the magnetic cap. Apparently, someone else had swapped out the magnetic cap with a regular brush cap. He went over to the nail counter and gave me a brand new bottle and was very understanding when I had to tell him I didn`t have my receipt. It was apparent that I had already used the other bottle I returned to that store. (I had walked in with all 10 of my fingernails painted that color.) He gave me some spiel about how their location is the flagship in Las Vegas or something, and yadda yadda yadda. Honestly, I wasn`t listening, because I was so happy about the excellent customer service and getting the product I should have received in the first place. I wish I had a picture of my nails to insert here, showing the result of the magnet. However, I have already removed the nail polish. Also, I don`t think I did a very good job with it. Hopefully, the result will turn out more like the picture the next time I attempt it. I really want to like the product, because this is no ordinary nail polish. I had originally purchased the metallic grey color (Trafalgar Square). At Sephora, each bottle is $16 and the set of 3 costs $30. A bargain, compared to buying each color individually, but $10 for a bottle of `special` nail polish is still rather expensive. I feel like that`s what I`ve said about everything I`ve bought lately.
Wow, I`ve rambled on for very long. Especially when I do not consider myself a beauty product person. Well I guess on some level I am. Makeup is fun, and there`s not much more to it.
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