The Lacrosse Skank.

So there I was, across the football field. I had traveled the forty-five minutes to register for Womens Summer Lacrosse. This always seems to be somewhat of a big deal to me seeing as how my school does not offer Womens Lacrosse, or any Lacrosse for that matter. There were three stations set up on the field. The first was registration, basically saying that if we are to die while playing its our own fault, and it also required giving our coaches a sum of money.

The second station, located on the fifty, half-way between Station one and three, consisted of a curtained area where we would be sized up for pads/jerseys/spirit wear/gloves/helmets. An emailed memo mentioned that this station would require us to be in booty shorts and a sports bra. This I didnt mind considering it was around 75-80 degrees and the sun was shining bright. [We Lacrosse players could care less about our self-image around teammates considering by the end of the first week it`ll be covered with bruises from head to toe, and we`ll have dropped ten pounds.] After the lady had successfully found my size in everything wearable I slid back on my shirt and my shoes and walked towards the third station. I had not taken but three strides in that direction when something, or rather someone, made me stop dead in my tracks as my jaw dropped.

At first I could barely believe it was happening, or perhaps I was hoping that my mind was playing tricks on me. My best friend, my Ren, the guy who will never stop feeling depressed, being kissed by Kylie, the slut of the team. I felt my breath stop, as I took my seat on the bleachers of station three. I sat beside Ren, who by the time I was at the station, had took a seat at the top of the bleachers. He was signing up for Mens Lacrosse which was also taking place today. Apparently he had sensed a displeasure inside me because he gains the audacity to ask me what is wrong.

I dont know, I begin, Maybe the fact you were kissing the town bicycle.

Dani, Its not like th-

Then enlite me Ren, what is it like? I feel eyes on me as my voice raises unexpectely.

ItsNONE OF YOUR BUISNESS! He stumbled out, a tear starting to run down his cheek.

I should have known better than to yell at him, his bipolar depression cant always take it. So I appologize, and reach for his hand.

Alright everyone, welcome to your first Audition. A coach said through his megaphone. I liked the way he sad Audition as if it were a part in a play, as if there were parts made for us. He called us out in two groups of twelve alternating between girls and boys. We played a quick game to shw off our best skills, and being still slightly mad at Ren, I checked every stick that mine came in contact with. The coach must have noticed this because he kept me in while he transfered in other girls auditioning.

After everyone had a turn on the feild, he decided he wanted to see us pass the ball with partners. I REALLY lucked out, considering I was paired with Kylie, herself.

She was greatful with her throws, trying to make sure it went in a direction it would be fairly easy for my stick to reach.

I on the otherhand decided a more clever tactic, this involved throwing the ball back as hard as I could and as close to her face as possible.

After this, Coach made us run a couple laps and told us that we would get a letter in the mail announcing if we made the team or the reserve.

Ren drove me home, as we sat in utter silence. Finally he spoke.

Kylies brother left for war yesterday. . . he muttered, barely a whisper.


I thought back to my first kiss with Ren, my father had left and as his religious custom he kissed the people who had a love one gone. I felt bad for Kylie, and stumbled over an apology to Ren. He forgave me, I knew he would, though it didnt make the emptiness in my stomach feel better.

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