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4 years ago

Hi everyone!
Today I finally saw the French drama movie The Intouchables. I say finally because Ive seen many good reviews of this movie and many people I know have recommended it to me.
Phillip is a rich quadriplegic who has a beautiful mansion in Paris. One day, he and his personal assistant are interviewing people to be Phillips caregiver when Driss appears in the interviewing, claiming he just wants them to sign a paper saying he went to the interview but they rejected him, so he can continue receiving his welfare benefits.
Phillip is surprised by Driss and he wants to hire him but Driss has serious doubts about it. That night, Driss comes back to his aunts house where he hasnt been his 6 months because he went to prison for robbing a jewelry store.
Driss aunt his upset because she hasnt heard from him in six months, so she orders him to leave the house immeadiately.
Next morning, Driss goes back to Phillips house and Phillip says to Driss that we will be on a trial period for the caregiver job. The same day, Driss moves into Phillips house.
I was actually very surprised by this movie, since I dont usually like French movies I liked this movie, it shows how friendship is a great thing and it can become the most important thing is a persons life.
I enjoyed this movie that is based on a true history and I give it a 6,5 out of 10 (6,5/10). I m actually surprised that this movie wasnt even nominated to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Picture.

- Have you seen The Intouchables?
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