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3 years ago

When we talk about fitness, what we usually think about is the state of not being fat or fat free. Over the years, we have somehow connected the concept of fitness with that of fatness. This is true in a way but not entirely, no. Being fit does not only fall under the scope of being fat. Neither does being not fat necessarily mean that a person is fit. When we talk about fitness, we are referring to the overall state of ones body as well as that of health. Being thing does not necessarily mean that a person is already fit of healthy. For all we know that person is suffering from malnourishment and is underweight. Being fit includes the scope of a proper and healthy diet as well as moderate yet constant exercise.

Being fat is unhealthy, that is a fact. Being overweight is definitely a sign of being unhealthy. A proper and healthy diet does away with any excess fat. When we diet, we eat the right kinds of food which provide us with the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Losing weight or being thin is only a result of being fit and healthy and not the other way around. This misconception of fatness as being the only determinant of fitness is only one of the few examples on how some people sometimes misconstrue the real meaning of being fit.

Another concept that we have somehow believed in is that the more we sweat, the more calories that we are burning, while its ok to have fruits like garcinia cambogia in our diet. This right here is again partly true, but not entirely. Sweat is not necessarily an indication of the level of calories being burned. Rather, the credit goes to our bodys ability to regulate the amount of heat normal to our bodies. When heat gets stored into our bodies, the body responds and makes us sweat in order for our bodies to start cooling through the sweats evaporation.

Aside from the two examples mentioned above, there are so much more misconceptions that the society has harbored towards the relation of fatness and fitness. It is important for us to understand what being fit and healthy really is in order for us to take better care of our bodies. Otherwise, we might already be doing our bodies a great injustice without even realizing it.

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