The Importance of Eye cream in your 20s!

While growing old is a wonderful thing, nobody wants to look "old". Wrinkles, sun spots, uneven skin tone, and lines never looked good on anybody, and although it is inevitable that we all get them, wouldn`t you want to do everything in your power to delay and prevent these things from forming? Well the best time to start is now! In our twenties our skin is probably the best it will ever be. The collagen and face elasticity is at full capacity, and we can definitely help mother nature with all of the different, and wonderful products out there. Although we form wrinkles and lines almost everywhere (ex; forehead, around the lips, neck, etc..) the most prominent wrinkles form around our eyes. Also known as the dreaded "Crows Feet". Many people think that these start showing around the time a person hits their 30s & 40s but from personal experience I know this is not true. Sometimes when putting on certain foundations, or concealers I notice the wrinkles around my eyes, and although they are NOT extremely noticeable they are THERE, and I am 22 years young BTW! Of course I didn`t like the fact that they were there so I decided to search around for eye creams. After a few different products, and consultations with professional cosmetologists I was recommended an eye cream that would moisturize dry skin, and help repair the collagen around the eyes. So when shopping on VitaCost I stumbled upon this "Borage Dry Skin Therapy" Eye Cream. I have been using this for several months, and absolutely love it. This eye cream does not give OVERNIGHT results, so if you are looking for something that will work drasticly I recommend using something else, like maybe a concealer with certain benefits. With this Borage "Dry Skin Therapy" Eye cream I had seen results within a week, after putting it on every night after my nightly routine and sometimes even before I put on a concealer to cover my dark under eye circles (which is a whole other story) my eyes started looking fresher, younger, the lines were NOT visible at all, and I just felt overall happy with the results. As I stated previously I purchased this online for about $15.00. Which by the way I think is a reasonable price for an eye cream that works!
If you have sensitive skin, dry skin, and are looking to try an eye cream, I definitely recommend this.

Here is a great article I recommend every young woman should read;

Also if you are interested in purchasing this, there is a direct link provided. Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think<3


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