The ideal concealer

Every woman before makeup for day or night, wash your face and need to pass a fire hydrant to leave skin clean and ready to receive the products.


Many tricks are used to disguise dark circles, pimples, spots or sardines in time to prepare the skin. Using the right tone and texture, the corrective make miracles and leave the skin free of imperfections feared.
There are several types of lime - paste, powder, cane etc.. - But not all are perfect in every type and skin color. The makeup of international celebrities, Renato Almeida says that there is no right texture: "Each person has their preference. Concealer is the best one that can fix the skin tone the most natural way, the person is white or black."

Each texture applies to a particular end result: "Those who give more coverage are creamy, and are easy to apply. Liquids serve more to illuminate a specific area (eg under the eyes)," says makeup artist

Many women suffer from some imperfections in the skin of the face. For this, the makeup artist suggests: "For those who have acne concealer should be creamy (the drier the texture, the better), if it is inflamed opt for a tone with a greenish background to fix the red. Dark circles, spots and freckles can also be disguised with a concealer creamy texture, but in this case with a pink or lilac background to correct the dark. "

To better understand each type of texture, how to apply in every skin color and know what are the corrective color, the makeup artist explained below.


Bat: the product is more concentrated, so it is important to be careful when you apply to avoid unwanted accumulations.

Net: coverage is thinner and superindicada for those who have dark circles smoother and clearer.

Creamy: easy to apply, is a good choice for those who have sagging in the region. Suitable for oily skin.


White: opt for a concealer that has the same color as your skin. When buying, test the face and not in your hand.

Black: the perfect concealer for dark skin is red, and women should opt for shades in dark beige and flee clearer. As anyone who has white skin, look for the concealer that is closest to your shade.

Corrective colored

Orange: covers dark circles as intense purplish and bluish. Suitable for those with vitiligo.

Green: camouflages acne inflamed (red pimples), sun spots, scars and rosacea (redness and flushing that appears mostly on the cheeks).

Red: copper as senile white spotting (white points minimum) or clear melasma (patches lighter than the skin tone).

Lilac: cancel the brown (dark circles and blemishes) and disguises orange spots like excess sun.

Yellow: cancels the purple, purplish and reddish camouflages dark circles and bruises.

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