The Hunger Pains: A Must for All Readers

The Harvard Lampoon has just released its best work yet: The Hunger Pains. I just know there are Hunger Games fans out there right now fuming that someone would make a parody of the incredible book. But guess what? I love the books and the movie, too. I just don`t take it all too seriously. I mean, you can`t not laugh! Tell me you don`t want to read the entire thing after hearing one of my favorite parts: "I step toward the fence. I try to hop over, but my leg gets caught in one of the planks. Dropping down on my belly, I try to shimmy my way under the fence, but I just can`t suck in my tummy to get low enough...Next I try running straight through the fence, but that doesn`t work either. By now I`m pretty dizzy." Haha sorry, I love that! Anyway, read the book!

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