The Hunger Games Trilogy

2 years ago

Hi everyone!
It`s been so long since I`ve been here on Luuux, things look so different around here now.

Anyway, after watching the first movie of The Hunger Games I decided I needed to read the books, as books are always better than the movies. The past few weeks I finally had a few extra time and I decided it was time to read these books, written by Suzanne Collins.

If you haven`t read the books or watched the movies, it tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, a girl from district 12, in a post-war future. As revenge from a past revolt against the government, it is decided to create an annual television event where one boy and one girl from the 12 districts who participated in the revolt, is selected to fight to death with all the others, including the other person from the same district.

I really liked the 3 books, especially the first one. The third book is so different from the others, it`s a totally different type of writting from the other 2 books, don`t you think? It`s so political and intense. I have to be completely honest, Katniss is not my favorite character, Peeta is. That`s probably why I didn`t like the third book has much as the others. Also, the deaths of 2 important characters really annoyed me, though the story ended the way I wanted.

This books are very good and I totally recommend them.
I give the whole trilogy a 9 out of 10 stars :)

Have you read the books?
Do you like the movies?

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