The Hunger Games Review!

5 years ago

Wow, so I just got back from the midnight viewing of The Hunger Games. I`ll just say this: so. worth it. Few things are worse than staying up until 4 AM, expecting to see something great, and then be disappointed. This was NOT one of those times. Everyone went in with big expectations, and not only were they met, but surpassed.

The acting was top notch, the movie was absolutely faithful to the novel, and the pacing was very good. Didn`t feel rushed, but it didn`t drag either. One of the most important things they got right was the emotion. They got just the right feel at just the right moments. Each emotional scene from the book was executed perfectly in the film.

Also for all you Peeta lovers out there, you won`t be disappointed. He`s as adorable as he is in the book! When I first heard who they had cast, I wasn`t so sure. After all, all I`d seen him in were trailers for kiddie movies. Of course, now he`s all grown up, and I must admit, he was such a perfect pick for the role.

Jennifer Lawrence also did a suburb job. She IS Katniss. I don`t really know what else to say about her performance. It was flawless.

The only (tiny, tiny, little) thing I wasn`t too happy about was the fight scenes. If anyone is familiar with the fight scenes in the Bourne movies, this is very similar. The camera is so shaky it`s hard to tell whom is fighting whom! Or who has got the upper hand! But again, that`s just not my style, and it`s not a big deal.

Overall, it`s without doubt one of my favorite movies of all time. I haven`t been this satisfied with a movie since The Dark Knight. Now go see it!!

Or if you have seen it...what did you think?

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