The Hunger Games Midnight Screening + Review

5 years ago

i went to the midnight showing of the hunger games last night with three friends and i had a really good time! this is only my second time going to a midnight screening - the first one being breaking dawn part 1... le sigh, i am still ashamed - and it was such a fun experience!

it was crazy because we got to the theater around 11:15 and the line was already wrapped around the block! when i went to breaking dawn, the line definitely was not as long! i totally underestimated how badly people wanted to see this movie, but i do know that THG has a huge fanbase.

the theater was spruced up a bit with some decorations. kinda lame but kinda awesome! we had to strategically find seats and many were already filled :( we ended up sitting in the back but it was still an awesome view.

i have not read the hunger games and i`m not quite sure if i will ever read the books, so i don`t claim to be very knowledgeable about the books or plot. from what i saw though, i really enjoyed the movie! i know people have their complaints because i have a LOT of friends who love the books and let down in some areas by the film. as someone who wasn`t very familiar, i really enjoyed it. i thought it was a lot of fun and quite cohesive.

however, i did find some parts awkward. but i typically find awkwardness in many things. i`m just like that LOL! one example would be when katniss and peeta were in the cave. that was just kinda weird. it was cute but still really awkward! HAHA

i must say every time gale saw the two together and had that angry look on his face, it was pretty funny and everyone in the theater laughed.

i thought the movie was very emotionally charged too. i cried pretty badly in the beginning when katniss volunteered from prim... i mean i knew it was coming because it`s in every trailer. i have a little sister and i know that if i were in the same position as katniss, i probably would`ve done the same. it was just very sad :(

overall, i really liked the movie. it was dramatic and thrilling and made me squeal like a little teenage girl at some points :) i would recommend it!

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