The Hunger Games KIDS VERSION?

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Just for fun, I made a kid`s version of the book/movie "The Hunger Games." I decided to post it on here, so tell me what you think! The age group is for really young kids, like 6 year olds! Enjoy :)

"The Honey Games"
Page 1: Once upon a time, there lived a bee named Katniss Bee. She lived with her mother and her sister, but they didnt have much honey. Katniss Bee lived in a city where most bees were poor. But Katniss had heard of other cities like the Capitol where everyone had honey.

Page 2: Every year, there was the annual Honey Games where every bee from every city would have a chance at competing in the Honey Games. One boy bee and one girl bee would be chosen from each city to compete in a flying competition. If you won, you would win a lifetime supply of honey.

Page 3: When they picked who would be in the Honey Games, Katniss Bee was chosen to be one of the competitors. How exciting it was! So every day, she had to train and work her hardest to prepare for the Honey Games. Katniss Bee was sad to leave her family for a little while.

Page 4: The training was very hard. Katniss Bees wings were usually very tired at the end of the day. She now knew that it wasnt as easy as it seems, but she never gave up.

Page 5: Tomorrow was the Honey Games, and Katniss Bee was very nervous. Her family and all the cities were going to watch her compete in the Honey Games. Katniss Bee prayed that night that she would win the honey for her family.

Page 6: Today was the big day, and Katniss Bee was at the Start line. She was warming up, and was trying to stay calm. Katniss Bee looked at all the other 23 bees and they all looked very strong.

Page 7: On your marks, get set, GO! said the starter. Katniss Bee flew her hardest, like never before. Even when her wings were tired, she wouldnt stop. She had to win the honey for her family!

Page 8: Katniss Bee noticed that she was passing more people. Soon she was 7th place, and before she knew it, she was flying 3rd. She could hear the crowd cheering!
Page 9: But Katniss Bee didnt stop there. She kept her wings going, and Katniss Bee could almost see the finish line! It was between Katniss Bee and the other bee from her city...

Page 10: And the crowd went wild! Katniss Bee finished the race. But she couldnt tell if she was 1st or 2nd. All she knew was that she was very tired!

Page 11: The starter pointed out that it was a close call between Katniss Bee and the other bee from her city. After a few discussions with the judges, they came to a decision...

Page 12: Its a TIE! screamed the first judge. But only one bee can win? argued the second judge. The three judges began whispering and discussing who would win.

Page 13: We have come to a conclusion said the first judge. This is the first time we have ever done this, but both of you will win the lifetime supply of honey! The crowd went wild! Katniss Bee could not believe this!

Page 14: That day, Katniss Bee went to see her family, and they were all so proud of her. She had learned something that day you can achieve anything you want, as long as you try your hardest.

Page 15: Katniss Bee always shared her honey with other bees that didnt have much. She was very thankful for what she had. From that day on, Katniss Bee and her family lived happily ever after!

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