The Hunger Games Book Review

5 years ago

Ok, so Im a bit behind on the whole Hunger Games craze, arent I? Id heard of the book before but hesitated to start it because I feared it was just being over-hyped. I saw it at the library a few days ago, and for lack of better options, took it home with me.

For those who dont know what its about already, Ill give a short synopsis. Suzanne Collins story takes place on the North American continent in the far future. The greatly divided country is led by a central governing state, which nearly everyone seems to fear and despise- this stemming from a past failed revolution. In order to keep the surrounding districts living in fear and submission, the Capitol created the Hunger Games, a yearly tournament where teenagers are forced to fight each other. The reader follows a young girl as she fights to survive the bloodbath in order to return home to her family.

I must say, there are no slow points in the book. Theres always something around the bend for the characters, making this book a very exciting read. Theres action, to be sure, but theres also great pleasure in reading about the way the characters interact with each other, the trust and mistrust, the affection, and hatred.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to others and I am quite looking forward to the next book in the trilogy.

What did you guys think of the book? Are you looking forward to the movie?

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