The Holy Grail: Udo`s Oil

4 years ago

"You are what you eat."

To be honest, it doesn`t get any simpler than that. You eat greasy junk food, your face will become a greasy mess, reflecting what you have ingested. Lately I`ve been having a lot of skin problems and I was scratching my head wondering why. Could it be stress? Yeah, but I go through that all the time. Could it be that time of the month? Yes again, but I`ve never had that many problems, not like this! Then I turned to something less obvious: my diet. I was introduced to Udo`s Oil a few years ago, but I have always, always, ALWAYS hated the taste. I can`t stand it, and therefore why my first bottle was still half full when it expired. However, the benefits that come with it I cannot deny. Udo`s Oil is basically an oil blend of omega fatty acids, "the perfect blend," they say. I`m not going to get into the science of all this stuff, but, boy, does it do wonders to my skin. Not only that, but my health in general. I feel more energized and awake, and I cannot be more thankful to it for fixing up my skin. Of course, as you can probably deduce, during the time that I had a lot of problems with my skin, I actually stopped consuming Udo`s Oil because I thought that my bottle had expired. However, I found out that you can actually still consume it 6 months after the expiry date.

It`s semi-expensive, but definitely worth it. On sale, it`s $20.99 for a 500mL bottle (without extra DHA)

Anyway, I most definitely recommend this to everyone!
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