The Hills have Eyes

4 years ago

Directed By Alexandre Aja.

This film is also for mature audiences just like every movie that I keep posting. To make a quick review, this is about mountain people that have been left alone looking for food, and there source of sustaining is people. They do not look average but only because the military confined certain towns only to obtain there needs that are contaminated and creating another kind of species. It was a bit disturbing than morbid. A family goes on a camping trip, get`s there vehicle into some trouble and there tires loose it. They camp out at a deserted area where them mountain people live. And then one by one, something serious happens. And so the boys set out to find there dog because there pet is the only one that sense danger. And leaves the girls alone without any kind of weapons. So of course who are these creatures going to attack first. It was a ball of a mess and a crazy storyline. Let me know what you think on the comment box.

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