The Harlem Shake: Hilarious or Outrageous?

4 years ago

A couple weeks ago a type of dance sensation has reintroduced itself and blown up all over YouTube:The Harlem Shake. Now what most people might now know, is that the dance being reenacted by hundreds of people all around the world is not new, but has been around for quite some time.
The Harlem Shake is a dance born in Harlem the year of 1891. Originally called the "Albee", because of the man who started the popular move. In the end, the title was changed to the Harlem Shake and spread beyond Harlem.
This outrageous dance move is described by "a drunken shake"; which seems that many are doing, while others are punching giraffes, dressing in costumes, and wriggling in sleeping bags. Which most people watching the video can say made them die of laughter and surprise because of the unexpected extras. All this extra hype has even lead to a new YouTube video about the reaction Harlem natives have after watching Harlem Shake videos. Many are repulsed and state that the dance move is not even close to the original.
So, what do you think about this new dance move that has replaced the Gangnam Style, and taken media by storm? - Hilarious or Outrageous?

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