The Gum in Hair Trick

Yeah, every girl has always heard about getting gum stuck in hair and how you have to cut the hair off and blah blah blah. Every one of us ignored it, though, because it never actually happens, right? Wrong. I thought the same thing until, at sixteen, I actually got gum stuck in my hair. And I freaked the heck out. My grandma knew a trick for it, though. If you`re a genius like me and happen to actually end up in this age-old situation, peanut butter is actually the miracle worker that can save your hair. Dab some peanut butter on the gross gummy mess and slowly work the gum out with your fingers. Be gentle! It still pulls on your hair. Wash with shampoo after to get the gunk out. By the way, am I the only one who`s ever actually had this happen before?

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