The Guide To Clear Skin Throughout Your 20s and 30s

4 years ago

During your 20s and your 30s, your skin goes through a huge amount of changes. Cell turnover slows down, wrinkles begin to make an unwelcome appearance and the elasticity that your skin once glowed with gradually fades. No need for a sad face though! There are ways to combat the Make a fantastic skin care routine your first priority this year and instantly feel miles better for it. Here are our top tips for getting your skin into tip-top condition:
Consistency is Key Your skin will protest if you stop your usual routine. For a healthy complexion, youre going to have to establish a morning and evening ritualthen, stick to it religiously. Youll see the difference, if you get sloppy. Remove your make up every night; this is hard when youre tired, but its worth the effort. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, but be soft on your skin dont use rough cloths or scrubs. Those with oily skin should use a toner afterwards (those with dry skin, skip this step). Finally, moisturise.
Dont Pick Your Pimples Its infuriating, but leave your pimples alone: dont touch. When you pop your spots, they take much longer to heal and they can often leave behind unsightly scars. Resist the urge to touch your face at all the dirt and bacteria on your fingers will transfer immediately to your pores and could create blemishes.
Keep Things Fresh Your make-up is gathering bacteria as we speak, so if youve had a product for over six months, its time to ditch that skin-clogger. Pick up a make-up brush cleanser from your local beauty store and every month, give it a good clean.
Drink H2O Experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water every day, but many people avoid this skin-saving habit. Drinking plenty of fluids helps to flush out the toxins in your body, leaving you with a sparkling complexion. Keep a two litre bottle of water on your desk at work and aim to get through it during the day.
Get Your Beauty Sleep Although hitting the hay is ideal for keeping your skin clear, your pillow cases could be working against you. Dirt and oil accumulate on these covers, so aim to wash them at least once a week.
Fitness Probably one of your New Years resolutions already: get fit! Exercising and establishing a healthy diet will keep your skin well-conditioned. The government recommends that adults get at least half an hour of moderate exercise a day to stay healthy. Take up a sporty hobby, such as martial arts or badminton, as group activities have a social aspect to them that helps with motivation.
Face Masks Especially great for those who suffer with acute skin problems, face masks are a wonderful treat that only takes ten minutes! This is a wonderful treatment that removes dead cells from your skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and soft. Use once a week for the best results. You dont even need to buy one from a beauty store; you can simply make your own at home with ingredients you have in your cupboards, such as honey and oats or avocado.
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