The Grey

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A plane crashes in Alaska and abandoned deep in the winter cold. The few survivors have few days to travel to some inhabited place in order to ask for help. But if the living conditions are terrible, things get worse when the group starts being chased by wolves.

`The Grey` is a film with little vulgar virtues of survival for a movie and a movie monsters, but eventually succumbed as loaded as manages all these virtues. Liam Neeson and the other surviving characters are fuller than usual and your concerns rise above the stereotypes, the film loses time to develop them and have them question life and death. Early on, a sequence in which Neeson prepares one of the seriously injured to death is haunting and deep, shattering all expectations.

The monsters themselves are also much more interesting than usual: the wolves that roam the Alaskan hunters are perfect. Patients, quiet and orderly, the film takes advantage of a perfect villain of all natural and its iconography. Several moments are astonishing, with the eyes of wolves in the dark and luzirem howls echoing in the hills.

Unfortunately, `The Grey` is a film terribly exaggerated in these two points and allows what could be a dramatic and exciting adventure often become boring. In the second act, the characters have very long conversations redundant and sometimes spelled too deliberate. One thing is for a film to be poetic, anything else is to emphasize it to the point of having all the characters speak in poetic form.

Wolves are the perfect villains, to the point quickly realize that `The Grey` is a fight that will not lose: the movie will just debiting Neeson survivors to be the last man ready to fight. This makes two or three scenes of Act II, involving the attempt to survive the secondary characters, are very obvious outcome and presentation very predictable.

A pity, because the Wolves `The Grey` Liam Neeson and his opponent (look how to give credit to the human opponent) a film deserved more rhythmic and more exciting - and not necessarily as exhaustive (but superficially) poetic.

Best: All the anticipation surrounding the wolves when night falls.
The worst: The second half of the deaths occur in huge sequences, full of redundant dialogue.

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