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4 years ago

I purchased this amazing little tool at the grocery store the other day and I am SO glad I did! What is this little gadget? Well, it`s a <strong>Citrus Peeler</strong>. I admit I wasn`t sure if it was going to work when I brought it home, but I gave it a whirl while at work the next day and OH MY, it`s fantastic! It makes peeling an orange effortless and easy.

I am one of those weird people whose its there FOREVER and peels an orange. Firstly, I usually end up pulling up my nail or damaging the soft skin beneath my fingernail by digging my nails into the orange peel to pull it back. I then sit there and pick off every white spot on the orange before eating it. My friends that I used to work with used to make fun of me because I`d sit there with a plastic knife and scrape all the white stuff off (weird, I know).

Why do I like this? Well, all you do is slid your finger through the loop, press the pointed part (it`s pointed and sharp, but it`s not going to slice your finger open sharp -- at least not the one I`ve purchased). You then drag that tool down the side of the peel, which leaves a slice thru the peel. You follow this motion in wedge cuts all around the outside of the orange. Once done you pull at the top of the orange and the entire sliced skin wedge pulls right off. Easy, peasy! Since you`re pulling it off in one chunk, most of the white bittery bits tend to go with the skin.

I totally love this thing and was raving about it at lunch. Turns out some of my coworkers also have them at home and equally love theirs as much as I love mine haha. But some have said theirs have a stainless steel blade which can be a pain on your fingertips if it nicks you.

Do you have a citrus peeler?

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