The Great Wall - Beijing, China

4 years ago

During the month of July I went to Beijing, China for a mission trip and of course I visited the Great Wall.

Yes, I walked the entire length and felt like dying halfway through. So many...freakin stairs....omg. T.T Never doing it again. Not that I didn`t think that the Great Wall was absolutely magnificent or anything and I by no means am out of shape but it`s...really really really long with just countless flights of stairs. And some parts are TREMENDOUSLY steep. The only reason I`m smiling in this picture was because this was before I was halfway through my trek. LOL

I believe it took me about 4 hours to walk the entire length? Yeah everyone was horribly gross by the end of the trek. I`m so glad I was wearing a dry fit or it would have been disastrous. Again, not saying that the Great Wall isn`t a complete wonder but I have no desire to walk that thing ever again. I`ve already done it once and seriously, you walk past three towers and you`ve pretty much seen everything.

The best part, however, was that I got to toboggan down the mountain back to where the parking lot is. Obviously its quite a height so its a huge slide to toboggan down and it was so much fun accelerating down the huge slide. It was definitely refreshing after that really really long walk along the Great Wall.

Note: If you ever go visit the Great Wall don`t ever ever buy water while on the wall. They rack up the price so much that its 10x retail price. Bring plenty of water bottles with you. You`ll need it (obviously).

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