The FREE way I got rid of my acne after all these years

5 years ago

I`m so excited to tell you guys something that has actually worked for me after so many months after month of disappointment in drugstore and even high end products.
Such a waste of money once I figured out the easiest ways to get rid of my acne that requires no special face wash, no special medication, no pills, and really no cost.

first off...
This. Has. Done. Wonders. For. My. Skin. And. My. Body.
Honestly, if you think you`ve tried everything, you must not have tried this. I`ve made the change from not drinking any water to drinking at least 8 cups a day. I keep a water bottle on me and full at all times and drink even when I`m not thirsty.
I truly believe that this has flushed out so many toxins and aided me in getting rid of my terrible breakouts that have been plaguing me since Sophomore year (I`m a Senior now).
How do I know it`s the water that`s done the trick?
I had already weaned myself off of acne products to see if they were what was breaking me out. Turns out, they neither made my acne worse nor better, so what was the use, right? A week after that, my acne remained the same; red and inflamed and increasing as usual. This is when I decided to experiment and make the switch to water. No more soda, no juice, only water and maybe a cup of milk with breakfast.
After day two, I was waking up to find less and less bumps on my face.
During this time, I washed my face with a simple, non-medicated make-up removing face wash and applied non-medicated lotion after. I wore make-up as usual.
But I`m just face keeps getting better and better not to mention suddenly, I`m not as fatigued throughout the day as I have been the past 4 years, and I don`t eat so much during meals because I always drink water before hand and it fills me up!
Wow...I just can`t emphasize enough how much you should try this if you`re tired of spending money and not having any results with products.
Chemical free. Cost free. And most of all, it works. (I`ve tried over 30 different acne products, so I would know ^^ )

Also another trick:
I also did not know that this was breaking me out, but after a friend told me about what a big difference changing her pillowcases often made, I decided to try it out too. Who wants to put their face against something dirty for 8 hours and not expect to break out?!

I hope you found this useful...I just want to tell the world because it`s made such an amazing difference for me!

And if you aren`t a "water" person, try adding lemon slices! I never liked water and still don`t, but force yourself to drink it religiously and you WILL thank yourself.

*I still have about three pimples on my face, but my forehead and cheeks used to be covered, and it`s only been a week since I made these changes!~*

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