The Five-Year Engament - Movie Review

4 years ago

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I saw "The Five-Year Engagement" movie. This is a romantic comedy movie starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt.
It all starts when Tom, a sous-chef in a well known restaurant in San Francisco, decides to propose to his girlfriend, Violet. Soon after that, they have their engagement party where Tom`s best friend gets Violet`s sister, Suzie, pregnant and the two of them get married before Violet and Tom. When Violet is accepted in the University of Michigan, Tom decides to refuse the offer of his boss to be the head chef of his boss` new restaurant, and they both move to Michigan. Tom doesn`t seem to find a good job there in Michigan and, as the years pass, he starts to get really depressed. One day before the wedding, they argue with each other and they call off their engagement.
Tom moves back to San Francisco to be the sous chef of the new restaurant, but he`s still unhappy with his life, so he quits the job and he opens his own business. When Violet`s grandparent dies, Tom decides to go to the funeral and he and Violet get back together again, during her summer vacations. When Tom drives Violet to the airport where she would travel back to Michigan, Violet suddenly proposes to Tom and they get married that same day.
It was a funny movie, it had some serious parts but it also had some really funny parts. It was okay, nothing too special and I give it a 4 out of 10 (4/10).

Have you seen this movie?

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