The five commandments of Lipstick

commandments of Lipstick

regular care of the lips
No mouth is beautiful with lipstick if your lips are cracked, dry and dead skin. So get exfoliating lips once or twice a week and then apply a balm to leave them soft and hydrated.

Choose the right shade for you
The choice of the color of lipstick should be made based on the tone of the lip and not the skin. People with less pigmented lips and empalidecidos look better with lipstick cherry red and coral. Those who have naturally red lips should prefer pink, orange, purple and red. Dark lips look best in shades detijolo and wine.

Use the appropriate nude
Nude is not all equal. Ideally, the lipstick is a step up from your skin tone or slightly brighter than him. If the person is the type empalidecida the nude must have pink background. If the skin is yellow undertone or if the skin is dark, the ideal is beige sand.

Remove excess repeatedly
To make lipstick last longer, apply normally and then remove any excess with a tissue. Re-apply and take over. Repeat the procedure three times. This will create a database before the final layer that will make the lipstick stay with "all over" for much longer.

Soften the edge of the lips
Of course, caution is needed when applying lipstick, but a surgical precision can give an effect not so nice. Give pats on the edges of the lips to make lipstick stay with more natural look. Another tip is to start in the middle of the lips at the time of application, the color spreading sideways. Apply directly from the corners of the mouth air can look too harsh.

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