The Feeding Tube Diet - New(crazy)Fad Diet Method

5 years ago

I have mentioned before how fad diets can be very dangerous to a persons health and there is now a new crazy diet method for crash diets.
Its a feeding tube diet and its one of the craziest ones i have heard, i mean, at least the other crash diets involve food. This diet is called "K-E diet" and it was done by a woman, that payed her doctor 1500$ to put her a feeding tube on her nose and be on a 800 calorie a day diet with 0 carbs.

After reading this all i can say is that everything seems wrong. Starting with the calories, no one should go that low, especially considering she didn`t had a lot of weight to lose. Then there is the 0 carb part that is a wrong way to approach it because everybody needs carbs for energy, i mean, sure you can reduce then but not to 0 because thats not healthy.
And the main wrong thing about this is the method - the feeding tube. This is just wrong because no one should be getting feeding tubes unless they need them for health reasons and approaching weight loss like this is not healthy and she will most likely get her weight back and some more because she didn`t learn about food, exercise and such a low calorie diet can do that.

I hope this doesn`t become a bigger trend that what is now because its getting popular among brides that want to lose weight for their wedding and i think this should actually be forbidden.

<strong>What do you think of this new trend of a 800 calorie diet using a feeding tube?
Would you ever do this?</strong>

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