The Face Shop E`thym - Toner and Moisture Lotion Review

4 years ago

After running out of my current moisturiser from Clinique, I thought I`d go with the recent trend of Korean Skin Care and with the recent opening of a `thefaceshop` in Sydney, I decided to try it out and see if I, like all other Asians, could attain the beautiful, flawless, white skin that Korean popstars flaunt.

However, this post is just on the E`thym toner and moisture lotion. After your daily face cleanse, you just apply the toner with a cotton pad, spreading it evenly outwards on your face. After absorbing it, just apply the moisture lotion, again spreading outwards with hands and with a brief face massage, I`m good to go.

These two products are specially made for hydration purposes and is, according to the label, mineral oil free, paraben free, benophenone free, artificial colorant free and animal origin ingredients free.

The toner and the moisture lotion have a nice fresh fragrance, not overpowering but enough to wake up in the morning and freshen up at night/evening. The toner is colourless and has the consistency of water. It absorbs readily into the skin.

The moisture has a light texture and is white in colour. My first time using this moisture lotion, I was skeptical of its uses. It was sticky at first but again, absorbed quickly and completely into the skin leaving it BURSTING with moisture. The hydration properties are no joke, they are extremely effective. I would still advise those with oily skin to use this, but on a lesser extent. After a week, my skin adapted to this amazing moisture content and was supple, soft and smooth the whole day I had applied it. It was amazing!

Even my friends commented on it, and this was definitely not common. So in terms of benefits, I would say it is a good product and it is worth buying again.

My only question is, would it stay just as amazing in the long run? We`ll have to wait and find out, but since thefaceshop products promote by their natural ingredients and such, I think I`m safe for now.

P.S `How to apply` section is in Korean, ingredients are not. Ask for advice for your own skin type (mine is combination) and make sure to stop if irritation occurs. Also, this review is for my own skin and may not have the same results on yours.
P.P.S You can totally ask for samples first! :)

Leave any questions below and stay tuned for more reviews!

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