The EX, at the CNE Toronto

4 years ago

The Ex is an annual event at the CNE downtown Toronto. Many vendors have booths there for food, games and more!

The food at the Ex is always interesting... mainly DEEP FRIED
I know, definitely not good for your belly nor your liver... but it definitely satisfies those taste buds craving for the one day to eat anything you want.

At the Ex you will find things from Deep friend Mars bar (one of my favorite) to Deep fried Coke (they just jellify it then deep fry) Sounds weird? There was one year where they had a donut burger... so.. it went like this: donut, bacon, cheese, beef patty, donut. YUMMMM (actually i dunno)

BUT! this year I finally had the chance to try the most talked....
DEEP FRIED BUTTER BALLS!!! sounds gross... i thought it was until I took a bite.. seriously I at 2.. Its actually not a whole stick of butter and they deep fry it.. its just a small chunk covered in lots of frying dough and put in the deep fryer. It tastes kinda like... a plain timbit... with salted butter spread on it. The butter inside is still liquidy so its.. "textured" taste I guess you could say...

So anyone tried other deep fried things? Anything that surprised you at the Ex?

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