The end of my vanity era :( Post to make you think about the topic!

3 years ago

Hello Luuuxers :)

Moving to new house, inspired me to radicaly reduce my make-up collection. Packing all those stuff made me realise how much makeup I have and how much money I spent on it.

I`m not going to lie, it was GREAT buying tones of make-up. Just for fun, while packing it, I strated to calculate cost of my makeup collection. I was shocked with the numbers and I stoped when I came up to the amount of money needed for a decent vacation.

That`s why I decided to keep ONLY things that I really use and things that I really love. I mean seriously- do I need 38 pink lipglosses? When am I going to use yellow eyeshadows? Why am I buying coral, purple and brown lipsticks, if I am never going to use them? And when am I going to USE all of that??? Throwing away product is equal throwing away money! That made me angry!

ENOUGH is enough! I put my vanity on sale. You can see on the pictures above how it looks when I removed mirror and all extra shelves and holders. Also, I am giving away all of the make up that I`m not using to my family and friends.

I still enjoy very much playing with make-up, but from now on I`m going to byu only things that I really need. And no more back up cosmetics. They usually expire before I get to use them.

I know that this was a long post, but I would like make you think about your make up collection. How much is it worth? Do you really need all those stuff?

Pictures are mine, please do NOT steal!
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