The different techniques of hair removal

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Today, there are plenty of hair removal techniques. You should choose the one that best suits you.


Advantages: Continuous use can reduce the amount of hair, and these only begin to grow after twenty or thirty days. This method is more suitable for those with the thick, it dilates the pores and facilitates the extraction

Disadvantages: This method is painful and can cause burns and folliculitis (tiny bubbles). Furthermore, the need to have at least 3 mm. Cold wax is more painful than hot wax but who have varicose veins should avoid hot wax.

Hair removal cream:

Advantages: It is a technique hygienic, practical and fast

Disadvantages: depilatory creams can cause allergies. In addition, the re-grow a three days later. Not work well in areas with the very thick.

Waxing with the blade:

Advantages: It is one of the quickest, practical and economic.

Disadvantages: the return to appear quickly, since they are cut flush with the. Encourages the development of the landlocked.

Electric Hair Removal:

Advantages: In addition to this method of hair removal be definitive, the price is more affordable than laser hair removal.

Disadvantages: The process is not very comfortable and is slow, requiring several sessions. There is a risk of electric shock and consequent injury.

Laser Hair Removal:

Advantages: The hair is removed by a period of time. Those who suffer with ingrown hairs can find laser hair removal in the solution. Besides eliminating the hair, the laser acts as an anti-inflammatory. Laser hair removal also reduces freckles and spots.

Disadvantages: The first disadvantage is the price. Moreover, after the sessions sunbathing is prohibited in the area shaved. Laser hair removal can cause some pain.

Line Hair Removal with:

Advantages: This method is the least known. The professional uses a line length being 80 cm and 1 m, using the indicators and thumbs, crosses over the line, forming an `x`, it rasteiramente moved over the skin. The hairs curl up on the line and are removed by the root. The biggest advantage is to pluck the hairs without compromising the skin`s structure.

Disadvantages: It is very painful, expensive and very time consuming. ~

Depilation appliances Electronics:

Advantages: It is a cheap and practical method, since the appliance is purchased and is always available

Disadvantages: The models that remove the root cause some pain and favor the appearance of ingrown hairs. Since the machines that cut the hair flat against the skin are indorlores, but by re-grow quickly.


Advantages: The pulsed light is a more modern technique and recent than the laser, and can treat a wider variety of hides and skins and hairs of the laser (for red, brown, blond and brown skins). Treatment is faster and with less pain. It is less aggressive than laser.

Disadvantages: It`s expensive but worth the long term. The skins are easier to deal with at the fair skin dark. Other groups require additional care.

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