The Descendants

You take life very logical and orderly, until life, gives you a trick. And usually when that happens, the sweep is not individual but plural.

"The Descendants" tells of a sweep of these lives, that stirs structures, beliefs and ultimately makes everything different. It`s a film that starts in an exceptional way, with a few lines of script that you drive to go after the name of who wrote them.

It`s a beautiful story about dealing with life`s surprises. How to value the family, to rethink their own actions and learn to forgive. Of the great lessons of history, perhaps the most valuable is that all people, no matter how stupid, "boring" or that they look gross, have their own stories, pain and joy to handle.

A film that is part of human character, with fine performances from George Clooney and Shailene Woodley.

What did you think of this film? Deserves the nominations for the Oscars?

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