The dark knight rises movie 2012

"Eight years after the death of Harvey Dent, the city of Gotham City is at peace and no longer needs Batman. The situation makes Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) becomes a man prisoner in his mansion, living only with the butler Alfred (Michael Caine). One day, amid a party at Wayne Manor, one of the waitresses hired steals a necklace of great sentimental value. This is Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), a smart and skillful thief who, though caught by Bruce, manages to escape. Curious to find out who she is, Bruce returns to the cave to use the computers that served him well when wearing the mantle of Batman. Gradually begin to notice signs of the emergence of a new threat to Gotham City, personified in yahoo Bane (Tom Hardy). It is enough to be Batman again, despite the physical problems resulting from their activities as a superhero over the years."

In Portugal, the film`s premiere was August 2, tomorrow I will see it and I`m looking forward now, just hope all the problems associated with the premiere of this film are finished, there have been too many deaths and casualties unnecessary.

And you`ve seen the movie? What is your opinion?

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