The Dark Knight Rises?

4 years ago

-Today we review the Derp Knight himself in all his tall, dark, and derpiness. Though the film did hit the big screen with like a bat signal hits the sky on a dark gotham night. I hated it.
The film is typical Christopher Nolan, except with all the Inception like "DDDEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!" Anyway here`s what I didn`t like.

*Bane was wayyy to smart. da fuq?
*Batman has throat cancer.
*Robin is far too old, a 20+ year old cannot be the "BOY wonder" that is frankly, creepy.
*Christopher Nolan is an ass.
*Christen Bale, also an ass. (With throat cancer LULZ)
*It ended with a typical Nolan "wait what?" ending. We get it, you`re MYSterious and groundbreaking. Lovely.

-Bottom line is I hate this movie and you should too. This has been an Ace Review, Thanks for reading.

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