The Dark Knight Rises

At the Mtv Movie Awards this past weekend, The cast of the Dark Knight Rises came out to talk about their new movie.
Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and even the great director Christopher Nolan presented the world with the never before seen footage for the upcoming film.
This is indeed the final installment for the batman franchise, but it is sure to not disappoint. Even if you aren`t a fan of the previous films, I can assure you that you won`t want to be missing this summer film. Its got gorgeous men for the ladies to look at. Its got Anne Hathaway scantly clad for the men, and action for everyone.
Im very intrigued and have even made plans with my friends to attend the midnight premier in my hometown.

Tell me your thoughts. Do you think it looks good? Who is your favorite character? Are you going to see it?

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