The Curse of Fashion in School

2 years ago

So going to a private school means uniform? Am I correct? Yeah, its nothing like gossip girl... Sorry to burst the that bubble. For me, school is just a place where learning takes place, bullying comes in the most extreme forms, and fashion is so important. Now, I am the girl who knows a label when she sees one, and I know a lot of girls in my grade (guys too) want to show off their money and wear the best of the best, but sometimes its a little extreme.

So in my school, the rule for shoes is no heels, no flip flops, and no open toes (mostly for safety). Thats completely fine. I get the whole no heels thing, and I don`t even where heals so its fine, but some girls, being the girls that need attention, `need` to wear heals. SO they get their wedges, and come to school in UGGS, and then change when they walk in the building.

Also, there are these skirts... plaid, red, and not the most flattering on everyone. So normally, the skirts go to about mid thigh, or like 2 1/2 inches above, reasonable. Then there are the girls who 1. roll them up 2. have them shortened 3. don`t wear spanks or shorts underneath. Do you want the whole world to see your pancake booty?

I don`t know if I am the only one who gets annoyed because I`m huge because my mum won`t shorten my skirt, and my thighs are big so rolling them up makes me uncomfortable. And I would so much rather be in a pair of comfy vans, then heals any day. So enjoy your aching feet and your exposed buttock, I`m going to go penny boarding and forget about the iciness of the girl population.


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