The Corner Tavern- Little 5 Points, Atlanta

4 years ago

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So, Wednesday my boyfriend and I went to Six Flags Over Georgia. (I will post pictures of what I got later) We stayed at Six Flags from about 2PM until 9PM. We didn`t eat there because 1- the prices are outrageous for unsatisfactory food, and 2- we were on rollercoasters, and didn`t want our stomachs to get upset. As we left we were riding past Moreland Ave, I figured we could eat at the local Tavern.. better than fast food ;)

This was our first time here, it was pretty good. I only disliked that the servers were terrible and smoking around us because it is a bar/tavern. My fault! Ha

I ordered the Fish & Chips which is :Two Deep Fried 5oz Beer Battered Atlantic Cod Fillets, Served with Never-Been-Frozen Fries&Homemade Tarter Sauce. <strong>$11.50 USD</strong>

Second picture is what my boyfriend got, sorry it looks messy.. he obviously was starving, LOL.

Hawaiian Chicken Grilled Pineapple Ginger Chicken Breast Topped with Caramelize Peppers, Onions & Pineapple Slices. <strong>$8.50 USD</strong>

He ordered sauteed mushrooms instead of their signature fries. The mushrooms were very good, I love sauteed veggies!

The food was pretty good.. like I said the service was just slow. Our server literally had like every table in the place, plus he was making drinks in the bar. It was a trivia night so it was pretty hectic. I do believe I will return, the food did taste very fresh, and I love the fries!

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