The Cons of Chips

4 years ago

There are many cons to eating processed food.
Chips have no ingredients that are good for you. They are high in oil, calories, and salt. You are simply feeding your body with unhealthy food that could do you more hard than good. I`d like to bring you to the attention of trans fat, which is labeled on the nutrition content on the bag or can. Trans fat clogs arteries, which can lead to the rise of cholesterol. Overall, trans fat is bad for your heart and can lead to many problems in your health later on in life. Second of all, the salt content within the chips can cause hypertension, which increases the blood pressure levels. Thus causing excess pressure on the walls of the vessels. This can lead to strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failures. Lastly, eating junk food can cause pimples because oil tends to clog your pores. Now, I`m not telling you to stop eating chips completely, but you should try to reduce how much your eating. For example, if you`re eating a family sized bag of chips a day, then perhaps you should cut it down to only a handful of chips a day.

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