The Complete Guide to Buying UGGs

UGGs are a big trend and although some people bash the brand for being ugly, many people (including myself) still find them cute, versatile, and comfortable. A lot of criticism about UGGs comes from their hefty price tag, though. And with so many students back to school shopping for cooler weather, its not hard to guess that a lot of people are looking to buy them right now. But before you drop $150 on a pair, check out this guide to save some money and make sure youre getting the real deal, especially if youre ordering online.

Know Your Size

UGGs run pretty true to typical sizing standards, but its worth the trouble to try on a friends or go to a local store that carries the brand and make sure you know which size fits you most comfortably. Remember that especially with boots youll need extra room for socks, even with all that fluffy fur lining. Not wearing socks can cause the fur to mat and wear more quickly, as well as making the shoes smell.

Something that most people do not know is that a good majority of adult sizes can fit kids size UGGs as well. The general rule is to take two sizes off of your normal size when going from adult to youth sizes. For example, I am a size 8-8.5 in womens UGGs and fit a size 6 in youth UGGs. This is especially important because even directly buying from UGG Australia, the same styles are instantly cheaper. However, I have never seen a pair of youth UGGs over size 6 so a womens size of anything more than an 8 or 8.5 may not be able to utilize this trick. Again, make sure that you go try on a pair in that youth size just to safely be able to say they fit you. Speaking from experience, they may feel slightly tight but after about a week of wear they will fit much better.

Know Your Seller

If it seems too good to be true, I promise it is. Buying directly from UGG Australia ensures authenticity, but it may be more expensive than alternatives. So to get the best deal, use these tools from the official brand website.

For an alphabetized list of authorized online UGG retailers check out this link:

To find an authorized seller that you can buy from in person use this locator:

If you dont feel like picking through this list, however, a faster alternative is to use this link: Copy the URL of the site youre looking to buy from (without the http:// portion), paste it into the box in the link, and click check. It will tell you if the website in question is selling real or knockoff UGGs.

Know How to Spot a Fake

Even with all these great tools for online purchasing protection, if youre buying UGGs in person or over a site like Ebay or Craigslist you need to be able to spot fakes. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube and online guides comparing the real boots and knockoffs by searching real vs fake UGGs or anything similar.

For the most part, fakes are not as soft inside or out, they look very stiff, the treads on the bottoms are not correct (although there is an old style tread and a new style, which is important to know if youre buying an older or used pair), they are more thinly lined and with faux sheepskin, the buttons may not say UGG Australia, the label on the back may be incorrect, and the color may look off.

Color is a subjective factor though, as many UGGs have similar shading but not exactly the same and ones such as Mushroom and Sand can appear confusingly close at times. Especially considering that some pairs may have worn or faded slightly, color should only really be taken into account as a major cause for labeling a pair fake if they are clearly very, very off base. For example, Chestnut is a soft shade of UGG but many knockoffs make it out to be much darker than normal, to the point where it is about half way between a Chestnut and Chocolate color.

Shopping Sales the Right Way

The official UGG Australia website now has a sale section that it didnt used to, but there are usually very limited choices and still much better deals at other retailers who are having sales. Its better to have an open mind about what color and style to get when looking to shop a sale, as trying to find specifications like that can be very time consuming. is my personal favorite. I got a pair of womens Lattice Cardy boots in Sangria for $85 there before I knew about girls sizing. Still, that was a great steal as compared to the $160 price that UGG was charging. This site tends to have more fun colored UGGs than basic ones, so you may have to look somewhere else if you just want some Classic Short Sand boots. However, everything on the site is discounted so there will be no full prices there! But the shipping at this site is always free and I highly recommend it.

Another personal favorite is which doesnt have one big sale at a time per say, but usually has a few styles on clearance which are priced incredibly well. I bought a pair of Classic Short Black UGGs for $105 with shipping and a pair of Country Blue Bailey Button Triplets for about $103 with shipping. The store is family owned, too, and shipped both pairs to me in about four or five days, which was very nice because I ordered both right in the middle of the winter holiday season.

Nordstrom is another one where UGGs go on sale frequently at nice prices, and although not quite as low as 6PM and Shoe Store, the selection is usually better, including more essential and basic pairs. Ive never personally bought a pair from Nordstrom but with the stores reputation I cant imagine anything would be wrong.

Above all else, check for extra discount possibilities before buying! For example, Nordstrom once had a sale that didnt require a promotional code to be applied and Retail Me Not had another promo code out so the discount was even greater in the end. Keep an eye out!


Those are my UGGs in the pictures, if they look dirty it`s just loose dirt!

I generally would not recommend buying UGGs off of Amazon because the site is very disorganized with its categorizations and colors and sizes and you may end up with something other than what you paid for because of all the confusion. Also, prices are usually not preferable, even on sale.

People very often debate whether UGGs are worth their cost and in my personal opinion I have to say I believe they are. Ive had a pair of Classic Tall boots since my eighth grade year and I still have them now, in a clean, presentable, wearable condition going into my freshman year of college. My Lattice Cardy pair I got my sophomore year, my Classic Short and Bailey Button Tall pairs I got in my junior year, and I still have and wear all of them. They last so long that in the grand scheme of things its honestly cheaper to buy one pair of UGGs than five of the $25 cheap pairs youd probably otherwise get at Target every year.

For younger wearers some parents like to buy Bear Paw boots first to see if they can handle caring for the boots and keeping them clean. However, Bear Paws are usually of a lower quality and will fall apart faster, so this should be taken into account. EMU boots are another option, but even less preferable as they can have the quality of Bear Paws with the price tags of slightly discounted UGGs.

Wrinkles will occur. It happens. More often than not it affects tall boots, and when that happens you have the choice to roll the boots down so that the inner fur shows and the wrinkles are hidden. However, it should be noted that even after one day of wear like this, there will be a crease running around the entire circumference of the boot that will probably never come out. There is really no way to get wrinkles out of UGGs due to the materials, but they usually arent very bad to begin with. If they are a large concern for you I suggest buying a knit pair or a short pair.

Waterproofing is something Ive never done to any of my UGGs but there are official UGG waterproof and stain cleaning kits available for around $20 but Ive seen them for about $13 on sale. The components like the waterproofing spray and the sheepskin cleaner Ive also seen sold separately for about $7. If you plan on wearing your UGGs in a wet or snowy area, I do suggest investing.

Happy shopping!

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