The Client List season finale

I just finished watching the season finale of the Client List and I was in tears. I get really emotional over tv shows. I don`t think it`s healthy. So Kyle came back. And after watching the whole season, it felt like me in her place! I was literally cussing at the tv not too long ago. He comes back all high and mighty and is like `omg Riley, I love you.` And it`s like, you can`t just walk back into her life after a year of just walking out. No note, no nothing. Then he goes to Evan and Evan just wants to fight him. Kyle left him after they lost their parents and he had no one. I`m just confused as to how this happens in real life. What kind of man would leave his wife and kids with no explanation. Kyle walked in, and you can see that he still loves them, but that`s not the point. If you really loved them, you wouldn`t have left in the first place. He said he left to work on his problems, which I understand. But when you have problems, you go to the people you love and ask for help. I`m just so confused as to what could have been going through his hypothetical head, since he`s a fictional character. I get really worked up over tv shows. Anyways, Riley was put in charge of the spa because Georgia thinks she might be in trouble so she left town. And Riley and Evan finally talked and I guess they`re going to try and be together next season. And at the end, she ran back to the spa to get the client list book and Kyle shows up, professing his love for her and also, that cop with the creepy shoes shows up with his lights on. Kyle said he came there because he heard she was in trouble. And the day before, or that day, the cop stopped Kyle and was talking to him. I`m confused as to what he could have told him. And how the hell could Kyle help her in this situation? Maybe he could leave again. So that was one of the best season finales I have seen in a while and they better get picked up for another season. I`m so anxious right now :)

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